YIKES! Malware Attack.

I was attacked. Ugly viruses found there way through my posts and comments. Has this happened to you?

What did I do? First I ventured over to Fiverr. Who doesn’t love fiverr? They had several people who fix this kind of stuff. However, I have to give them access to my server. My super-tech friends said “Watch out” plus my godaddy (yes, I admit to use godaddy…If anyone else would give me the loving & empathetic 24 hour support, I’d switch for the basic stuff. Sometimes I need a shoulder to cry on at 2:00 am and they are their for me. Ha!)

I did not go with Fiverr, I purchased a security plan from godaddy so it would check for malware on a daily basis and remove it. Whew! That’s done.

Quick note. While I was doing all that boring messy stuff, I finally switched my domain from edgysocialmedia.com to http://edgy.co as my main domain. There’s so much more going on these days then just social media!

That’s all! What’s up with you edgy friends and family?