Once upon a time there was a man who thought everyone on Facebook was stupid.

One day the man entered A GROUP.  A POWERFUL GROUP.  A group he would never belong to on the outside of Facebook but now he belongs.  He belongs!  HE BELONGS!


The group gets him.  He gets to part of a VIP group now.  Wow.  Everyone else has to pay over $995 but he only has to pay $59.95.



Now he’s IN!  One more group.  This time he gets to meet “A POWERFUL GROUP”.  This time everyone  else has to pay $5995 but he only has to pay $ 995 plus look at all the extras.


Almost Rich.

“I’ll be off soon, honey,” the man says to his wife.

Only $300 left on this credit card.  Maybe if I…

“We’ll look at your homework in just a minute, sweetie,” the man says to his daughter.

OK.  “I’ll call and see if they can take less,” he thinks to himself.


I’ll find my own ride out there no problem.  Just the $300 then.

After arriving at the 2 star hotel with three other people, now the man just feels stupid.

Keep connected to people you know.  Don’t always believe reviews.

Tara Husband,
– Posted from my iPhone

*I know a bunch of excellent, awesome groups and am not speaking of any group or person specifically.