Blog with Me! Adding Ads to Your Site!

jillian michaels

Why is there a picture of Jillian Michaels on my Blog?
Some lame attempt to use Jillian Michaels name to catch visitors?
Actually, not at all.  I’d have to have a fan site before visitors make it here, however…


i’ve just worked all day on adwords and my brain is fried and i’m hungry
forgive the lack of punctuation

i have spent the last 7 years working with .com
(i hired google to create ads around my search words for my products and paid per click as people clicked on the ad)

today i developed ads using
a remarkable product that allows be to earn money from my website by placing other peoples ads on my webpage

It would behoove you to look around at least google adsense if not google sites.

i also advertised my own products

Finally, I’m now an affiliate for Go Daddy products.
I adore their products, have been using them for  years.
PLUS, they have 24 hour customer service with all techs being from the USA!  Oh!
And customer service is FREE

Where does Jillian Michaels fit in?
Well, she has the only show on tv (kickboxing) I actually work out to – love it!
PLUS, This week she became the new REP for Go Daddy!

Go see more of Jillian and Go Daddy Products by clicking below:

Domain Sale! $7.49 .com at GoDaddy

We’re also excited about doing a “Reciprocal Link” meaning they advertise my blog and I do the same for them
for an Edgy & Cool Website.  Plus, they have interesting elements on their site.  Check them out!

The Budget Fashionista



All the Best!

Blog with Me! Buying Your Domain Name — READ FIRST!!!

I have been registering domain names for many years now with
I’ve even bought them for other people as gifts.
I’ve lost an important one to me because I forgot to renew it but that isn’t what this is about.

Recently, I was told “Buy your domain names for as long as possible because it helps with Search Engine Optimization.”  I had no idea.  Honestly, I didn’t believe it because nobody ever told me this.
Why doesn’t have big signs promoting this?

Google’s Patent of 2005

Looking back into web history (2005) Google received a patent “Information Retrieval Based on Historical Data.”  It was reviewed by different sources all claiming that the patent stated:

1)      Valuable (legitimate) domains are often paid for several years in advance, while doorway (illegitimate) domains rarely are used for more than a year.


Experts in Search Engine Optimization (having your website placed high in the search engines) believe that it plays a part in the algorithm of the spider web we spoke about in yesterday’s blog:–spiders-are-good-for-your-blogs.aspx  It definitely makes sense.

On the other side, quirky names that are relevant now may not be relevant in a couple years.  I just bought a domain name with “Social Media” in it which is hot right now – I’m sure something else will be relevant in a couple years – in 10 years Social Media will probably be a history lesson!

The way I see it, I can always sell it!

Read More on Age of Your Website at

All the Best!


Blog with Me! Spiders are a Good Thing!

Blogs are One Place You Want Spiders Crawling All Over!!!




There are a couple of points about spiders and blogs — completely relevant!


How SEO works:

There are electronic spiders or “bots” at work all the time checking out your site, following links and heading to the next.  They copy links, record information and it never stops.   This is how the search engines like google and bing have such incredible databases.  The bots also read information in a certain way, that’s why tags, links and using certain words over and over in a certain order can be crucial.  The bots like a road map!

Do your research:

My website is really a big resume for me.  It is not a very good website for SEO.  If you look at my other website with products, that is a website that has a specific niche market.  I search google adwords and find people searching on words such as “fenugreek” which is the main ingredient in my product.  However, on when I look for people searching for “communications strategist” I get 0 people searching.  It would behoove me to think ahead and change it to something in social media or find a more specific area to promote myself.

Do your research and collect the words that people are searching on around your target subject you want to write or sell.  Google adwords is a great place to find them.  Use those words in tags over and over, so the bots can pick it up.   Label you pictures, videos and pods with these words.   Keep linking even within yourself as you see me do now:–have-you-lost-your-way–linkinglooking-back.aspx.  Bots like it!

When I make another website for my lowmilksupply tea products, I will have a page on each subject that they are searching on with links, videos, and all kinds of relevant information on each page.

Aaron Wormus  host of the meetup on Clematis St. (love it)  Make sure to join some kind of technical group to find answers and gain new ideas!  Carolyn, the speaker gave us an entire list of ideas.

All the Best!


Blog with Me! Cool Widgets!

Many times widgets will be your clocks, daily weather
or even games like PAC-MAN!

Definition of a Widget:

A widget these days has many definitions because it has now crossed many technological borders.  However, on the web it is code installed in a particular way that can be “reused.”

On the blog program I use I go under settings and they give me a variety of widgets to choose from and they instantly appear on my blog.  I could easily add a notepad, calendar or Google search.  I have added the twitter feed down at the bottom.

Outside of my blog program there are thousands to choose from and it is pretty easy to imbed them into your blog or website.  I have found a video that explains it step by step.



Have Fun!

All the Best


Blog with Me! Have You Lost Your Way? Linking/Looking Back


In the recent release of Google Instant making everything faster
than ever before (even though I use – love the graphics) today’s post will be quick!


It’s important to link within your blog and keep your blog active.  Search engines like this.  It makes your content resuable.  Search engines don’t like it when you copy or duplicate content.

For example, just in case you have just joined us or have lost your way in this blog I’m going to “link back” to several of my favorite and some of the most important blogs.

Adding Color–adding-color-and-pictures.aspx
Adding a Podcast–whats-a-podcast-2.aspx

Search Engine Optimization–seo–search-engine-optimization.aspx

And that’s just a few of them!  The rest you can find to the right of this blog under “Recent Entries.”  I’m learning so much and have exciting information to share.  More to come on LINKING, Widgets, Settings, and we have to start ADVERTISING soon!  Google is knocking at my door.  Yours too.  Let’s do this thing!


All the Best!

Tara H.