Outsourcing Tips and Tricks

Elance just contacted me and wanted to know what advice I would tell my friends about using their service.   I have been using the company for many years for help with administrative, SEO, research, website development, graphics and even liking and unliking social media pages!

Elance Tips

  1. Only hire people with a work history and 4.7 stars or up.
  2. When choosing someone send a couple of emails before you hire to see if you can communicate well with them.
  3. Use the workroom and release money as you go along, especially on big projects.
  4. Give a bonus and only leave positive feedback or no feedback.
  5. Pay on time.
  6. If you are working with people from other countries – google/bing their location so you can ask them questions about their location.  Humanize the experience.  Ask “What do people call you?”  then you can use their real name in the conversation.
  7. Don’t be afraid to communicate the problems.  I have found to be MOST to be understanding, hard workers and solution solvers.
  8. Finally, Don’t be afraid to hire outside the country if you need to.  I am surprised where I find kindred spirits on Elance that have become lifelong friends and support.
In my online journey, I have tried many other outsourcing programs such as Odesk, however, love Elance.  Perhaps it is because I have history.  I always agree on a total amount and we go to work.  Many times, the workroom will continue to be added on to and I will just continue to fund more money when I find someone I adore.
Looking Forward!
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