Miley Cyrus, Embedded Facebook Posts & Brand Scandal Repair

MILEY CYRUS gave a doltish performance that has kept people buzzing — on Sunday, August 25th at MTV’s ANNUAL MUSIC AWARDS.  If 20-year-old Miley would have at least danced (I only saw a clip) I could have taken it more seriously.  I did like the bears. 🙂

The only reason I bring the event up is I went to her Facebook page when I was looking for a Facebook post to EMBED.  And since people were talking about her everywhere I went today and all over the net I thought the page might be useful.


FACEBOOK EMBEDDED POSTS are a way to put public FB posts – by a Page or a person on Facebook – into the content of your web site or web page.   The post below is from MILEY CYRUS’s FB Page.



  1. Check out what an embedded post looks like on MASHABLE.  The show a picture of NIKE.
  2. Check out the HOW TO steps on the FACEBOOK DEVELOPERS SITE.  They do a great job walking you through the steps.
  3. However, when I tried to embed the code into my wordpress site IT DID NOT WORK!!!  I needed to install a simple PLUGIN called XYZ HTML.  I dropped the code in their box and it shows up on the top bar under “Add Media.

REBRANDING MILEY (for humor – I hope some of you catch)  

The mama bear in me was coming out and looking to fix Miss Montana’s crazy-night into something with tasteful-edge.


BANGERZ…add the MASH & FOODTRUCK — a whole new vibe!!!  REBRANDED

One last embeddable link I found on Miley’s Page to wrap it up!  She could even be going into the Bangers & Mash Food Truck Business with RICHARD SIMMONS. ha


Today’s post is all in good fun as we learn about Facebooks Embedded Posts.  As I learned from Pinterest, Flickr and Spreecast, I will do it sparingly.  I prefer to host most of my own content and pictures.

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Tara Husband

P.S.  My beautiful cousins and friend’s kids are all taking what they call “ugly pretty” shots of their faces distorted on instagram.  #miley’s-tongue-thing




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