YIKES! Malware Attack.

I was attacked. Ugly viruses found there way through my posts and comments. Has this happened to you? What did I do? First I ventured over to Fiverr. Who doesn’t love fiverr? They had several people who fix… Read More

I Can’t Afford Social Media that Works

Once upon a time social media was easy. Well, sort of. At least you could go through the motions of creating a Facebook business page, email campaign, twitter account, blog and have them all work simultaneously with a… Read More

SNAP! South Florida Startup Community is Surfr Hot

Once upon a time I lived in a quite Palm Beach area, drove to technology meet-ups, went down to Miami for an occasional key note speaker and was inspired by weekly episodes of Shark Tank. There were whispers… Read More

Miley Cyrus, Embedded Facebook Posts & Brand Scandal Repair

MILEY CYRUS gave a doltish¬†performance that has kept people buzzing — on Sunday, August 25th at MTV’s ANNUAL MUSIC AWARDS. ¬†If 20-year-old Miley would have at least danced (I only saw a clip) I could have taken it… Read More

8 Lessons From Start-Up Boston

I’m in Boston with my hubby and daughter. While he works and she discovers the historical moments of the streets in this Grand city, I was able to attend Start-Up Boston at WorkBar, Cambridge area. WORKBAR First, you… Read More